Hi Beautiful!

I’m Mary Thompson, and I’m a Mind Body Spirit Coach. My mission is to empower women physically, mentally, spiritually, & emotionally. I believe that every single person has greatness within, and that nurturing each of these aspects of our lives creates the lasting change we’re all looking for!

Basically I guide women to get clear on their goals, upgrade their mindset, build their confidence, and take the leap to live awesomely! My clients are amazing women who feel stuck, and know they are meant for more. Who desire to follow their heart to live the life they dream of! For women who desire to be happy & fulfilled! And for women who are ready to listen, take the leap, and BREAK FREE!

I became a coach because I was once in your shoes. It’s not that I didn’t have a good life, it’s that I KNEW I was meant for greatness, I knew I was meant to help & serve people in a big way. But it wasn’t happening from my couch OR my cubicle! So I moved my body, followed my heart, & quit my job! Best. Decision. Ever. And now I live a life of happiness, without the stress of a desk!

If I can do it, SO CAN YOU!

Be yourself. Free yourself.

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